Why do we  have to put so much emphasis on what the Bible meant back then? Don’t things change? Anonymous



Yes things do but God’s Word doesn’t. Because it is the Word of Gospel and salvation it is very powerful and must be handled with reverence and care. Trying to change it for the sake of what is contemporary may affect people in a harmful way.

Recently Jennifer and I went to see Book of Mormon. While it was a satirical look at the religion it also offered food for thought for all of us who profess to have the truth and desire to share it with others.

Spoiler Alert – In the play a well intentioned Mormon missionary to Africa teaches things that aren’t in the Book of Mormon and ends up with a village of people who believe the wrong thing.

Faith is a powerful aspect of the human’s person. The object of our faith is that thing that we are willing to surrender unto. When that thing is a false idea or concept then harm, danger, or worse can result. Witness the conflict in the middle east brought on by the ISIS ideologues.

Maintaining the integrity of the text is essential to the integrity of Christianity and the faith of the believer. God’s Word as we receive it in the Old and New Testaments has been written by the Holy Spirit through individual human persons to present to us specific concepts that form the truth that God the Three-in-One wants us to have. When that presentation of truth is altered the reception of the hearer may be affected.

The world we live in changes daily and some times momentarily. But the Word of God that spoke creation into existence and died on the cross to redeem humankind from sin does not change. It serves as the constant that brings God back into the chaos to restore order.

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