“And the Lord will be king over all the earth. On that day the Lord will be one and his name one.” Zechariah 14:9

I remember the classic Bert Lahr song from the Wizard of Oz. Trying to overcome his feelings of insecurity as the “Cowardly” Lion he dreams of a day when he might overcome his insignificance. Drawing a long breath he belts out “If I were the King of the Forest!”

For a moment he achieves his dream, to be brave and strong, his preferred identity. But when the moment is over and he finishes his song he quickly falls back into the gentle and frightened lion that he really is.

I know how he feels. We all want to be King of our domain. Even the little pond likes a big fish. We just might be willing to give up anything for a moment to call the shots, make the judgments, be the ruler.

The truth is that this world is not a string of little ponds. Unlike a chain of lakes, we all fall under the rule of a creating God who is King over all the universe. Recent events in the civil realm might make us believe otherwise. But God is still God. And human authority can’t change that.

While we will learn to speak the truth in love and be a witness for the value of a Biblical world view we are still governed by a Cross that forgives our rebellion and humbles us in service to the real King, the Lord Almighty. May His name be praised!

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