As we have the opportunity to vote this week, it is a good time to reflect upon our role as citizens of two kingdoms. Every person is a subject of two kingdoms, one of which is spiritual, the other earthly. The unbeliever is in the kingdom of Satan, the believer belongs to the kingdom of Christ. Both the godly and the ungodly are citizens of an earthly kingdom or country, without any difference in the nature of their citizenship.

While admitting that the Christians are subject to the government under which they live, the Scriptures speak of the believers as being not of this world. They are not a part of the world in so far as it is ungodly and the enemy of God; they are not worldly-minded, and they do not regard this earth as their real and permanent home.

As we are no longer of this world but live within it, our role as citizens of the Kingdom of God intends to influence the temporal kingdom of the government. In the United States of America, we have the privilege to participate in the determination of the government’s policy and direction through the election. Our responsibility as the baptized is to let our influence reflect the eternal truths of God’s holiness as our vote aligns with God’s purposes.

Consequently, the Church’s responsibility is to encourage that all of her members know the issues and reflect upon them from the position of the word of God. Our examination of candidate’s life, policy positions, and fitness should reflect what is most consistent with the Bible.

Let me be clear, I am not saying that the candidate has to be a Christian. Our democracy succeeds because we respect the right of every citizen to worship as they please without government influence. But there are many non Christians who passionately agree on many Bible issues. Do you know what the Bible teaches about the issues the candidates are talking about? As a citizen of the Kingdom of God it is your responsibility to know and as a citizen of the Kingdom of man let your light shine in the darkness.

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