Serving Teams

Serving Teams are communities within the church that help to build fellowship, foster discipleship and encourage stewardship.

Each group is assigned two months a year to help with Sunday worship services.  This largely includes:

  • Greeting visitors and making them feel welcome
  • Handing out bulletins
  • Assisting with the collections
  • Tidying up the sanctuary following the service

If you’re not on a serving team, but would like to be on one, email

Serving Team Schedule


Carl’s Shepherd Group

 October 2017 

 April 2017

Brandon’s Shepherd Group    

 September 2017  

 March 2018

 Paul’s Shepherd Group

 January 20178

 July 2018

 Warren’s Shepherd Group

 February 2018

 August 2017

 Jeremy‘s Shepherd Group

 December 2017

 June 2018

 Mike’s Shepherd Group

 November 2017

 May 2018

Serving Team Leaders

Jeremy Butterfield

Jeremy Butterfield

Mike Welch

Mike Welch

Warren Gast

Warren Gast

Brandon Winter

Brandon Winter

Carl Larson

Carl Larson

Paul Ott

Paul Ott

St. James Lutheran Church

2050 N. Fremont St., Chicago, IL, 60614

Phone: 773-549-1615  I  Fax: 773-326-3645

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