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In recent years we have asked you at this season to consider making a donation to help with scholarships for our students. You have responded with generosity and love. For this we are thankful.

Again, this year we are giving you the opportunity to Share the Gift of God with 35 families who attend St. James only because of the generosity of the congregation. We are blessed to be able to provide a quality academic and Christian education to so many children.

This year we are hoping you will reflect upon God’s gifts to you and your family and prayerfully consider sharing your blessings in support of our mission. Our goal is to raise $200,000.

Please consider how God will use you to Share the Gift, and ask Him to open your heart so St. James’ mission of “Reaching out with the love of Jesus” can continue to bless children and families. 


Who benefits from the Share the Gift Campaign?

Every student and family who attends St. James. Not only does your donation make an education possible for a child, their presence at St. James blesses everyone else as they live, work and play among us.

What is the Goal of Share the Gift?

We have set a goal of $200,000. In fact, the value of tuition aid offered is much higher than that. When you generously support this effort, you directly impact the lives of others.

How much should I give?

You should determine your gift on the basis of prayer and reflection upon the blessings God has provided to you to use to His glory. Every gift is a personal decision and should be determined with a joyful heart that you are making an education possible for one of God’s children.

Where should I send my pledge/gift?

Send your check or order money payable to St. James Lutheran Church and School (with Share the Gift in the memo) to:

Share the Gift

St. James Lutheran Church

2101 N Fremont

Chicago Il. 60614

Can a donor make a stock gift?

Yes, stock is a convenient way of giving. Many donors make donations with gifts of appreciated securities, thereby enjoying additional tax savings. If a donor is considering a transfer of stock, they should call Martha Bulin at 773.549.1615 for specific instructions.

Why encourage pledging instead of a one-time gift?

A pledge allows you to be kind to your budget, make the most of your generosity, provide timely income to the school, and make your fulfillment of a larger gift manageable.

"As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another." 1 Peter 4:10

Share the Gift of a St. James Education

St. James Lutheran Church

2050 N. Fremont St., Chicago, IL, 60614
Phone: 773-525-4990  I  Fax: 773-326-3645
Sundays at 9:00 and 10:30 a.m.  

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