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The essence of the baptized life is that we serve God by serving our neighbor.

Our service is shaped by what Christ teaches and is expressed in every aspect of our life. We recognize that Christ owns all of us; body, soul, and everything we take care of. We own nothing. Every decision we make intends to reveal God’s will, not our own.

While we are completely united with Christ in His kingdom, we still remain citizens of the world. This is God’s intention that the citizens of the Kingdom of the Right (the baptized) simultaneously live in the Kingdom of the Left (the world of unbelievers) to proclaim Christ crucified and unite the world to Him. The Kingdom of the Right is His Holy Church and is visibly seen in the local congregation and the Christian home. The Kingdom of the Left is visibly seen in our lives at work and with our neighbor.

Thus the baptized life unfolds in the four estates of our relationships – family, church, work and world. Whatever role or station we assume (parent, spouse, employer, employee, neighbor, etc.) in each of these estates is managed through the lens of our service to God.

The Four Estates of Each Believer’s Vocation

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