Who We Are

We are created by God to care for His creation.

The Bible word for this is a steward. In the beginning we were in communion, or in unity, with God. Because our human nature is to trust self instead of God, we care for God’s creation by what benefits us instead of what God wants. The consequence is separation from God, which means death. This is a universal truth. All people will fail as a steward of God’s things.

Jesus Christ is both God and man. He was born to pay the price for our failure. The currency used to purchase us is His life, given in death on the cross. His purpose is to restore our unity with God, or return us to communion with Him.

A disciple is a person who has faith that Jesus the Christ purchased him out of death. We cannot by our own reason or strength know God or find Him. Only through the sacrifice of Jesus and His grace can we have faith. This faith is a gift of the Holy Spirit and is delivered to us by hearing God’s word and receiving His baptism.

Baptism brings the new disciple into God’s community. The community is visibly seen with Christ at its center in the Sacrament of the Supper, which creates our unity. The disciple’s new life is to care for God’s things God’s way. While the disciple is freed from death he/she is not perfect and will fail at times and revert to trusting his/her human nature. But because a disciple is purchased by Christ and in unity with Him, he/she is forgiven by His grace and restored back into His favor.

God’s Work to Redeem

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