God’s Purpose for Us

The Bible is a God breathed document containing eternal truths.

Yet, there are times and generations where certain elements of that stated truth is harder to understand. We live in a time where individualism and relative truth form many people’s attitudes toward life.

Additionally, every one of us, at some time or another, searches to understand the meaning and purpose for our own life. These are subjects that the Bible deals with and offers meaningful wisdom for our understanding.

This statement lays out what we believe here at St. James in a manner that is used to inform our relationships, education, programs and ministries. The concepts and their relationship informs the teaching that we believe is advantageous to the process of discipleship and growth for every one of us and the community that we serve.

The theology presented here is in agreement with the Bible and the Lutheran confessions as found in the Book of Concord, which as members of the LCMS we believe is consistent with the Bible. It also relies on the unique perspective of Dr. Martin Luther with respect to vocation.

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